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Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

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Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple Deck | Cruising, Carving, Dancing, Free-Style Tricks Carver | Made for Beginners Teens Adults Men Women

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Magneto 44 Longboard

The 44-Inch longboard skateboard designed for cruising around town. The deck is made with bamboo and a hard maple core. Kicktails make this board super functional for all sorts of riding styles. The durable aluminum 7-in aluminum trucks allow you to glide around smoothly on the soft 70mmx51mm Urethane wheels. The top of the deck features a sand grit finish, which replaces the grip tape, showing off the beautiful bamboo deck. The logo is burned into the top and bottom of the deck using a laser. A great starter board for someone looking to get into longboarding!

Magneto 44 Longboard

Great For Beginners

The Kicktail Cruiser is a great option for beginners and pros alike! The deck is nice and stable without much flexibility making it easy and safe to ride. The wheels are nice and soft for extra grip while turning and a super smooth ride over rougher roads. Whether this is your first board or another added to your quiver, you'll get a lot of joy out of this board.

Magneto 44 Longboard

Cruise in Style

The Kicktail Cruiser is inspired by the vibrant Carlsbad surf and skating community. Designed to really show off the beautiful materials of the deck while keeping a clean and stylish look. Style is the name of the game with this longboard

Magneto 44 Longboard

Multiple Riding Style

This board can do it all. Whether this is your first board or you're adding another one to your quiver. You can cruise, carve, dance, freestyle and anything else your heart desires on this thing! The deck is designed to work for multiple riding styles and rider sizes

Magneto 44 Longboard

Aluminum Trucks

The trucks are made from gravity cast aluminum which makes them strong and durable. They have a tumbled finish and are the standard longboard size

Magneto 44 Longboard

Bamboo & Maple Deck

The deck is made with bamboo veneer on top and bottom with a maple core to add strength and stiffness. Our logo is laser etched directly into the bamboo

Magneto 44 Longboard

Soft Urethane Wheels

A 78A soft urethane is used for the 70mm wheels. With a cool translucent look, the wheels are sized perfectly for the cruising this board excels at

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Rating and Reviews

4.8 Stars Rating on more than 4200 Reviews on Check it for more details. Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

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