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Yamaha SLG200S NT

New product

The neck shape and 634mm scale length of the SLG200S continue the design legacy of conventional acoustic guitars, while its ultra-slim body is perfect for players of both acoustic and electric instruments.

Inspired by traditional classical guitar design, the SLG200N features a slim neck, thin body, and low action that lets players adopt a more aggressive style.

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Yamaha SLG200S NT

Yamaha SLG200S NT

Yamaha SLG Silent Guitars

The SLG is the perfect instrument for practice, travel or stage use – any time an acoustic guitar just won’t do. Near-silent performance makes discrete practice simple, Yamaha’s exclusive SRT-Powered pickup system gives incredibly natural acoustic tone through headphones or line-out, studio-quality on-board effects enhance your playing to perfection, line-in functionality makes jamming easy. Coupled with unique, striking looks and a rosewood and maple framed full-size collapsible body SLG lets you play whenever and wherever inspiration hits.

Yamaha SLG200S NT
Yamaha SLG200S NT

SRT Powered Technology

SRT Powered is a new system designed to recreate the body resonance of an acoustic guitar in a bodiless guitar. Yamaha developed SRT Powered, collaborating with recording artists to create a system tailored to the unique properties of the new SLG body and modeled after the tones of a high-end Yamaha acoustic guitar captured using a carefully selected microphone in a professional recording studio environment.

By actually reproducing the sound of an acoustic guitar—right down to its natural sustain and decay—Yamaha lets guitarists experience the genuine body resonance and tone of an acoustic guitar, while avoiding the need for a microphone when recording. SRT Powered sound can even be mixed with the sound from the instrument's piezo pickups, allowing guitarists to be even more flexible in their creative endeavors.

Yamaha SLG200S NT


The slim body of the SLG gives these instruments superb playability, and allows players to switch to playing an electric guitar without any discomfort should the need arise.

Yamaha SLG200S NT


The detachable top section of SLG’s frame provides practicality and portability beyond that of a conventional guitar. The luxury gigbag provided can be carried with ease and fits into an aircraft overhead compartment with room to spare.

Yamaha SLG200S NT


The distinctive SLG design is the result of a collaborative effort between the project team and the Yamaha Design Laboratory, and combines traditional guitar lines with an innovative new form unlike that of any guitar before it.

Yamaha SLG200S NT


The bodiless design of the SLG offers a natural, quiet sound that allows guitarists to play without disturbing others, whether practicing late at night or playing in the living room when the family is home. Th SLG200S is 80% quieter than an acoustic guitar.

Yamaha SLG200S NT

Product Description

Whenever, wherever

The compact and lightweight Silent Guitar is the perfect instrument for practice, travel, and live performance. Although ultra-quiet acoustically, the Studio Response Technology (SRT) Powered preamp system delivers natural-sounding acoustic tone through headphones or the line output. Onboard studio-quality effects enhance your playing experience, a line input lets you jam along to backing tracks, and the detachable wooden frame facilitates easy transport. Play whenever and wherever inspiration strikes!

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