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Coolest Gadgets, Most trending products 2021, Huge list of gift ideas and awesome stuff to buy!

We check for the coolest gadgets, most trending products and gift ideas, from electronics to music, from sports to outdoor, keep on trend with the most fun, innovative gadgets and products! Most trending on Amazon for 2021 and 2022!

If you’re not a tech person, it can be hard to keep up with the hottest new gadgets. We are always surfing the web, researching, analyzing and testing products to recommend the best picks and the items we'd buy ourselves (and we often do)!

Browse our huge list of awesome stuff to buy in 2022. You will find many of the season’s most popular, sought-after items. So relax, pour a festive beverage and get ready to make your list!

Drones, computers tech, Gaming gadgets, smartphone accessories, Cameras, Smartwaches, smart scales and much more!

Everything for Cycling, Fitness, Snowboard, Skating, Water sports, check out the best of the best on equipment, gadgets and gear!

Everything you need for Camping, Hiking, Kayaking and overal Outdoor activities. Tents, Lanterns, Water filters, camping stoves, powerstations and much more!

Everything you need for Playing, recording, composing or simply enjoy music. Instruments, accessories, turntables, speakers, amplifiers, drums and much more!

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    Top Gadgets, trending products and accessories to complement and personalize your tech! The best tech gift ideas, from smart watches to drones, to kid-appropriate electronics, to cool home and outdoors gadgets, check it out!

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    The most sold, most reviewed, cool gift ideas, gadgets and accessories for Sports! Cycling, Snowboard, Skate, Parkour, we have an amazing selection for you, don't miss!

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    The ultimate survival, most cool, pratical gadgets and accessories for your outdoor adventures. If you're gonna go hiking, camping or simply explore the outdoors, do it in style!

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    Don't miss the latest trends in the music world! Everything you need from producing, to singing, writting or playing! Instruments, trending Gadgets, Accessories and more, great gift ideas!

  • The Stir it Up Wireless Turntable is a House of Marley staple. Featuring Bluetooth 4.2 capability along with a replaceable AT3600L Cartridge and built in pre-amp, Stir it Up brings the classic sound of vinyl to life. Enjoy USB to PC Recording as well as easy Bluetooth pairing with onboard controls.

    House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable review, Stir It Up Wireless review, Top wireless turntable, Most sold wireless turntable, Most reviewed wireless turntable, Best wireless turntable, Portable wireless turntable

    189.9 €

    From the manufacturer

    Stir It Up Wireless Turntable
    Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    The Stir It Up Wireless turntable provides a sleek, minimal design from rich, natural materials. Enjoy a classic sound system that wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth speaker and reveals the true depth of your favorite music. The considered and streamlined design of the Stir It Up Wireless Turntable features sustainable bamboo for a warm natural in-home allure.

    The Stir It Up Wireless offers features such as Bluetooth 4.2 capability, a built-in switch pre-amp that allows for seamless compatibility with any of our Marley speakers or in-home receivers, functional ports include a USB port for PC recording, RCA output, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

    Sustainable Sound

    House of Marley is the first audio brand to craft products that include sustainable materials and contribute to global reforestation.

    House of Marley’s eco-conscious identity was created in collaboration with the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for music and planet.

    House of Marley products contribute to the planting of trees worldwide to support the global reforestation efforts of non-profit organization One Tree Planted.

    Stir It Up Wireless Turntable


    House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    Bamboo Plinth

    Bamboo, one of House of Marley’s main materials, enables frequent harvesting without causing damage to the earth’s ecosystem.

    House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    Replaceable Cartridge

    The Stir It Up comes with a replaceable Audio-Technica MM cartridge allowing the user to upgrade the stylus over the lifespan of the turntable.

    House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    Regrind Silicone Slipmat

    The Regrind silicone slip mat is made from upcycled silicone and will protect your records from scratching on the platter.

    House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    Belt Drive

    The belt drive offsets the motor, giving the Stir It Up rotational stability that puts out quality sound. The belt drive also includes an auto pitch and auto start feature.

    House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    45/33 RPM

    This record player plays both 45 and 33 records and comes with 7” adaptor. There is also an auto-start and power down function that conserves energy when left on.

    House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    Rewind Fabric Dust Cover

    The Stir It Up turntable comes with a removable dust cover that keeps your record player free from debris with not in use. The dust cover is crafted from Rewind fabric, an exclusive mix of Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Recycled Plastic Bottles (RPET).

    House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

    Product Details

    Superior Sound: A new spin on an old classic, our Stir It Up Wireless Turntable offers a modular Audio Technica cartridge and built-in pre-amp and delivers premium audio quality and lets you enjoy your every sonic detail of your favorite vinyl records. If you prefer to use your own pre-amp, simply switch the internal amp off to connect one of your choice.

    Premium Features: Compatible with any Bluetooth speaker or headphones, you’ll experience that classic Marley sound no matter how you connect. Play any 33 or 45 RPM records while the anti-skate control and the auto start/stop help to protect your vinyl from damage. The USB port and included cable allow you to convert your records to a digital format.

    Unmatched Design: The minimalistic, streamlined design of this record player makes for a stunning and functional statement piece. The aluminum platter and metal tonearm provide a subtle contrast against the warm, solid bamboo plinth. You’ll notice our attention to detail through unique touches like the Bob Marley quote engraved on the tonearm

    Sustainable Materials: Embrace your natural style with Marley’s message of craftsmanship and sustainability. Our turntables are designed with natural bamboo, our eco-friendly REWIND fabric and REGRIND silicone, recycled plastic, recyclable aluminum, and delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.

    Rating and Reviews

    4.2 Stars Rating on more than 145 Reviews on Check it for more details. House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable Rating on

  • Apple Watch Series 7 features a larger and more advanced display, enhanced durability, faster charging, new aluminum case colors, and watchOS 8

    Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular, 41mm to 45mm, 5 color choices for the aluminum case with Abyss Sport Band - Regular

    Apple Watch Series 7 review, Apple Smartwatches review, Top Smartwatches, Most sold Smartwatches, Most reviewed Smartwatches, Best Smartwatches

    539 €

    Apple Watch Series 7

    Big Screen. Huge Impact!

    More screen area and optimized UI make everything easier to see and use. Two exclusive new watch faces. All inside a redesigned case.

    Nearly 20 percent more screen area and 40 percent thinner borders than Apple Watch Series 6.

    Apple Watch Series 7
    Apple Watch Series 7

    Tougher around the clock

    More screen area and optimized UI make everything easier to see and use. Two exclusive new watch faces. All inside a redesigned case.


    The future of health. On full display.

    Measure your blood oxygen level. Take an ECG. Track your sleep. Stay safe with Emergency SOS. Unplug with the Mindfulness app.

    Nearly 20 percent more screen area and 40 percent thinner borders than Apple Watch Series 6.

    Apple Watch Series 7
    Apple Watch Series 7

    Massively motivating.

    Track all the ways you move with activity rings. Share progress and compete with friends. Work out with Apple Fitness+, the first fitness service designed around Apple Watch.

    Apple Watch Series 7 Sports

    Measure and maximize your workout whether you're cycling, running, lifting, or doing almost anything.

    Stay Connected

    Everything you need. Everywhere you go.

    Call and text without your phone, with avaiable celular. Get directions with maps. Use Wallet to open doors, board planes, or make payments. And find thousands of apps in the Appstore.

    Apple Watch Series 7
    Apple Watch Series 7
    Family Setup

    Paring is caring.

    Set up a watch for relatives who don't have an iPhone so they can access messages, phones calls and safety features.

    Apple Watch Series 7

    Why Apple Watch

    It’s the ultimate device for a healthy life

    Health - Get heart rate notifications. Track your sleep. Quicky call for help in an emergency

    Fitness - Track all your daily activity. Precisely measure your favourite workouts.

    Connectiviy - Get calls and texts. Listen to music. Use Apple Pay and Siri. All right from your wrist.

    Personalization - Add a new band to change up your look. Discover, customize, and share watch faces

    Apple Watch Series 7


    Change your band.

    Change your look.

    Interchangeable bands come in many different styles, materials and colors. So its easy to find the right look for the right moment.

    Apple Watch Series 7

    Apple Fitness Plus

    A fitness service for everyone

    Powered by Apple Watch

    World-class workouts on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. New workouts added weekly. Work out how and where you want.

    Rating and Reviews

    4.7 Stars Rating on more than 2000 Reviews on Check it for more details. Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular

  • Featuring a 1-inch CMOS sensor, powerful autonomous functions, and a compact body weighing less than 21 oz., DJI Air 2S is the ultimate drone for creators on the move. Take this all-in-one aerial powerhouse along anywhere to experience and record your world in stunning detail.

    Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal Camera, 5.4K Video, 1-Inch CMOS Sensor, 4 Directions of Obstacle Sensing, 31-Min Flight Time, Max 7.5-Mile Video Transmission, MasterShots

    DJI Air 2S Fly review, DJI Mavic Air review, Top drones, Most sold drones, Most reviewed drones, Best Drones

    1299 €

    DJI Air 2S Fly

    Take a closer look

    DJI Air 2S Fly

    Big world, big sensor

    Equiped with a 1-inch image sensor, DJI Air 2S is capable of capturing every stunning detail.

    Authentic color tones

    With 5.4K video, DJI Air 2S delivers rich clarity and authentic color tones in every frame for footage that wows.

    DJI Air 2S Fly

    Explore further

    DJI Air 2S features the DJI's most advanced image transmission technology yet. 1080p image feeds are ultra smooth, clear and reliable at distances of up to 12km

    Film like a Pro with just a Tap

    Get the best shots anywhere automatically with the new Mastershots feature. With one tap, DJI Air 2S will fly numerous routes while filming your subject.

    DJI Air 2S Fly

    Worry less, discover more

    The combination of APAS 4.0 four-directional obstacles sensing, and 12km, 1080p, 03 image transmission system offers you a safer, smarter and smoother flying experience.

    Which is the Best for You?

    DJI Air 2S Fly

    DJI Air 2S

    595 g

    1" CMOS Sensor

    20MP Photo

    5.4K/30fps Video

    31-Min Max Flight Time (no wind)

    12km 1080p Transmission *

    Forward + Backward + Upward + Downward Sensors **

    DJI Air 2S Fly

    Mavic Air 2

    570 g

    1/2" CMOS Sensor

    48MP Photo

    4K/60fps HDR Video

    34-Min Max Flight Time (no wind)

    10km 1080p Transmission *

    Forward + Backward + Downward Sensors **

    DJI Air 2S Fly

    DJI Mini 2

    <249 g

    1/2.3" CMOS Sensor

    12 MP

    4K/30fps Video

    31-Min Max Flight Time (no wind)

    10km 720p/30fps Video Transmission*

    Downward Vision Sensor + GPS Precise Hover**

    In the Box

    DJI Air 2S Fly

    Product Description

    Arriving just one year after its predecessor, the Mavic Air 2, the Air 2S is DJI's newest mid-range consumer drone. The new model sheds the familiar Mavic branding in favor of a shorter naming scheme, following the lead of DJI's Mini 2 model, but receives some significant upgrades in return. Most notably, the Air 2S features a camera with a 1"-type sensor – something that was previously exclusive to DJI models costing over $1,500.

    Whereas the Mavic Air 2 emphasized resolution over sensor size, with features like 48MP stills and 8K hyperlapse modes, the Air 2S pivots in the direction of image quality; its larger 20MP sensor easily outperforms the camera on the Mavic Air 2 and addresses one of the most frequent requests from users.

    There's no question the improved camera alone warrants an upgrade. In fact, the Air 2S one-ups the Mavic 2 Pro in an important area. The Mavic 2 Pro could record 4K video using the full width of its sensor, but it did so using pixel binning. As a result, the best 4K footage was obtained by shooting from a native crop of the sensor, which also narrowed the camera's field of view. In contrast, the Air 2S captures 5.4K video using the full width of the sensor – with no pixel binning – resulting in more detailed video capture.

    Product Details

    1-Inch Image Sensor: Equipped with a 1-inch image sensor and large 2.4μm pixels, DJI Air 2S is capable of 5.4K/30fps and 4K/60fps video.

    Mastershots: The next evolution of QuickShots, MasterShots is an advanced intelligent feature that gives users the best shots in any location with just a tap.

    The Center of Attention: FocusTrack features Spotlight 2.0, ActiveTrack 4.0, and Point of Interest 3.0, making it a breeze for DJI Air 2S to follow or circle your subject.

    One Billion Colors: The 10-bit Dlog-M color profile can record up to one billion colors while retaining all the little details that make footage pop.

    7.5 Miles Max Video Transmission: DJI Air 2S features DJI's most advanced O3 (OcuSync 3.0) image transmission technology, giving you an ultra-smooth, clear, and reliable image feed every time you fly.

    Environment Sensing: DJI Air 2S has the ability to perceive its environment in four directions: up, down, forward, and backward, allowing it to actively avoid obstacles, even in complex scenarios and at high speeds.

    Rating and Reviews

    4.6 Stars Rating on more than 1300 Reviews on Check it for more details. DJI Air 2S Fly

  • Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple Deck | Cruising, Carving, Dancing, Free-Style Tricks Carver | Made for Beginners Teens Adults Men Women

    Magneto 44 review, Magneto skate tent review, Top longboard skates, Most sold longboard skates, Most reviewed longboard skates, Best longboard skates, Top cruiser skateboards, Most sold cruiser skateboards, Best cruiser skateboards

    80.99 €

    Magneto 44 Longboard

    The 44-Inch longboard skateboard designed for cruising around town. The deck is made with bamboo and a hard maple core. Kicktails make this board super functional for all sorts of riding styles. The durable aluminum 7-in aluminum trucks allow you to glide around smoothly on the soft 70mmx51mm Urethane wheels. The top of the deck features a sand grit finish, which replaces the grip tape, showing off the beautiful bamboo deck. The logo is burned into the top and bottom of the deck using a laser. A great starter board for someone looking to get into longboarding!

    Magneto 44 Longboard

    Great For Beginners

    The Kicktail Cruiser is a great option for beginners and pros alike! The deck is nice and stable without much flexibility making it easy and safe to ride. The wheels are nice and soft for extra grip while turning and a super smooth ride over rougher roads. Whether this is your first board or another added to your quiver, you'll get a lot of joy out of this board.

    Magneto 44 Longboard

    Cruise in Style

    The Kicktail Cruiser is inspired by the vibrant Carlsbad surf and skating community. Designed to really show off the beautiful materials of the deck while keeping a clean and stylish look. Style is the name of the game with this longboard

    Magneto 44 Longboard

    Multiple Riding Style

    This board can do it all. Whether this is your first board or you're adding another one to your quiver. You can cruise, carve, dance, freestyle and anything else your heart desires on this thing! The deck is designed to work for multiple riding styles and rider sizes

    Magneto 44 Longboard

    Aluminum Trucks

    The trucks are made from gravity cast aluminum which makes them strong and durable. They have a tumbled finish and are the standard longboard size

    Magneto 44 Longboard

    Bamboo & Maple Deck

    The deck is made with bamboo veneer on top and bottom with a maple core to add strength and stiffness. Our logo is laser etched directly into the bamboo

    Magneto 44 Longboard

    Soft Urethane Wheels

    A 78A soft urethane is used for the 70mm wheels. With a cool translucent look, the wheels are sized perfectly for the cruising this board excels at

    Technical Details

    Rating and Reviews

    4.8 Stars Rating on more than 4200 Reviews on Check it for more details. Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

  • The MPD226 is a MIDI-over-USB pad controller perfect for producers, programmers, musicians and DJs alike. Its intuitive blend of MPC controls and technologies mesh with easy USB connectivity to bring the feel of classic beat making into the world of computer music production

    16-Pad USB/MIDI Pad Controller With Full Complement of Fully-Assignable, Production-Ready Controls

    AKAI Professional MPD226 review, MPD226 review, Top music production, Most sold on music production, Most reviewed on music production, Best for music production

    159.9 €

    AKAI Professional MPD226
    The Ultimate Beat Production Studio Centerpiece

    The MPD226 is a MIDI-over-USB pad controller perfect for producers, programmers, musicians and DJs alike.

    Its intuitive blend of MPC controls and technologies mesh with seamless USB connectivity to bring the feel of classic beat making into the world of computer music production.

    AKAI Professional MPD226

    RGB Pads

    At the heart of MPD226 are 16 ultra-sensitive, hyper-playable Thick Fat RGB illuminated MPC pads, ideal for triggering drums, one-shots, melodic samples, basslines and more.

    AKAI Professional MPD226

    Produce Anywhere

    At less than 5cm thick and weighing in at under 1.5kg, MPD226 provides core sample triggering and DAW control functionality, housed within an ultra-portable, lightweight and slim-line footprint.

    AKAI Professional MPD226

    Take Control

    Whether you’re producing in the studio or performing live, MPD226’s arsenal of controls provides in-demand, fully assignable functionality that readily adapts to your needs.

    AKAI Professional MPD226

    The MPC Legacy

    With MPD226, core MPC-style controls are present including Akai Professional’s legendary Note Repeat, MPC Swing, 16 Level and Full Level.

    AKAI Professional MPD226

    MPC Beats Software

    Whatever you set out to achieve, MPC Beats will get you started. Incorporating the finest parts of the legendary MPC workflow, MPC Beats features all the essential tools for pro production. Edit samples, mixdown your tracks, find any sound with the synth engines found on the legendary MPCs, record audio and much more. MPC Beats will host your AU/VST plugins so as you expand your arsenal, know you’ll have complete compatibility with industry standard virtual studio technology.

    Rating and Reviews

    4.5 Stars Rating on more than 4000 Reviews on Check it for more details. AKAI Professional MPD226

  • Meet the successor of the INSTAX Mini 9. With its new Automatic Exposure function, there's no need to adjust a dial anymore to take photos based on your lighting. Just snap and shoot! Take the perfect selfie with the Mini 11’s Selfie Mode. Get up more close and personal with its built-in macro mode and selfie mirror. Also includes 2 fun shutter button accessories that can be attached to the shutter button to customize the camera’s look.

    Instax Mini 11 review, Top instax cameras, Most sold instax cameras, Most reviewed instax cameras, Best instax cameras

    74.9 €

    From the Manufacturer

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

    The new instax mini 11, dont just take, give!

    Now even more ways to give! More clarity, more style, more compact, more night and day, more simple selfies!

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

    Now It's Easy to Get Bright Photos Anywhere!

    The high-performance flash automatically calculates surrounding brightness and adjusts shutter speed accordingly — no need for any special settings.

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

    Selfies & Close-Ups Never Looked Better!

    Simply pull out the lens to instantly switch to Selfie Mode!

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

    Capture a Perfect Close-Up!

    Use Selfie mode to shoot a subject 30 to 50cm away so you can get a clear close-up shot everytime.

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

    Product description

    The Sky Blue instax mini from Fujifilm has been updated for selfie shooters. Get photos instantly with the sleek, fun, and stylish Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 camera. With its automatic exposure function, there is no need to adjust a dial anymore to take photos based on your lighting. Just snap and shoot! Make your shot even more close and personal by extending the Mini 11's lens barrel to Selfie Mode that will allow you to get a close 11.8" to 19.7" focusing and use the built-in mirror on the front of the lens for perfectly composed selfies.


    Film FUJIFILM instax mini instant film
    Photo Picture Size 62 mm × 46 mm
    Lens 2 components, 2 elements, f = 60 mm, 1:12.7
    Viewfinder Real image finder, 0.37×, with target spot
    Shooting Range 0.3 m and beyond (use selfie mode for 0.3 m to 0.5 m)
    Shutter Programmed electronic shutter 1/2 to 1/250 sec. Slow synchro for low light
    Exposure Control Automatic, Lv 5.0 to 14.5 (ISO 800)
    Film Ejection Automatic
    Film Developing Time Approx. 90 seconds (varies depending on the ambient temperature)
    Flash Constant firing flash (automatic light adjustment), recycle time: 6.5 seconds or less (when using new batteries), effective flash range: 0.3 to 2.7 m
    Power Supply Two AA-size alkaline batteries (LR6), capacity: approx. 10 instax mini film packs of 10 exposures each
    Auto Power Off Time After 5 minutes
    Other Includes film counter and film pack confirmation window
    Dimensions 107.6 mm × 121.2 mm × 67.3 mm
    Weight 293 g (without batteries, strap, and film)

    Rating and Reviews

    4.8 Stars Rating on more than 16500 Reviews on Check it for more details. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Rating on